• a|US Mɪsər/mous/ 


MizzrMouse (plural MizzrMice)

1. A title used by bears to refer to their mouse.

    My MizzrMouse.

2. Term a bear uses to show affection for his mouse.

   I love you MizzrMouse!


Some mice will vehemently deny that there is even such a thing as the word "MizzrMouse". Since mice take pride on their Mouseish Language, they categorically reject any word that sounds remotely similar to a word present in their language (See "MizzrBear"). Mouse and Bear scholars have been in eternal discussion regarding what came first "MizzrBear" or "MizzrMouse", sort of like the eternal question "What came first, the chicken or the egg?" But recently explorers discovered ancient carvings in a bear cave located in a remote area of western Europe. They could prove that bears have been calling their Mice "MizzrMouse" for millennia. The carvings depict Bears talking to Mice saying "Miz'Mauz" or "Mzr'Maus", which in ancient Bearish could be indeed mean "MizzrMouse". (See Caption 1) Linguists and scholars sill cannot agree on why "Miz" Turned into "Mizzr". It is possible that as Bear language evolved and mice adopted "MizzrBear" into their own language, Bears thought this sounded so cute that they decided to start mimicking mice just because they can.


1. Oldclaw Caves, Europe, estimated 20000 BC

MizzrMouse 2

Oldclaw caves drawings.